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PTSD in children can be chronic.

Learn the hidden warning signals of childhood PTSD, and save a life.

Childhood PTSD has chronic effects on the brain that can last a lifetime. Children who experience childhood PTSD often lose the pathways in their brain that are in charge of shutting off the “fight or flight” response to the frontal lobe. This can result in severe anxiety, flashbacks, behavioral problems and more. It is important to be familiar with the symptoms and lesser known effects of PTSD on a child’s daily life in order to spot the problem and get help for children in need.

Barnie struggles to cope after experiencing a traumatic event. He meets a girl named Bea who also struggles from PTSD, and together they work to dissect the effects of PTSD on their brains and find healthy ways to release their trauma while still acknowledging it’s existence.

Resources & Reads

Child Mind Institute


Symptoms of Childhood PTSD

Recovery Resources

Gabriel Fernandez Trials (TW: graphic depictions of child abuse)

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