Max’s Mask

Autistic girls are typically diagnosed far later in life than autistic boys.

They are also at a higher risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties.

This discrepancy between young girls with autism and young boys with autism lies in the way that girls present autism, and the fact that the criteria for identifying autism in children was based off of studies conducted on only boys with autism. Girls with autism are being overlooked, and it is taking a negative toll on their emotional, mental and social wellbeing. Learn the signs of autism in women.

In Max’s Mask, Maxine struggles to find her place amongst her school community. She experiences masking, which is a common concept amongst young girls with autism. Masking is changing one’s behavior to mimic other’s social cues, which often results in exhaustion, anxiety and depression for the affected girl. Maxine learns to accept herself and all of the ways that autism makes her special, and invites others to accept her as well.

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